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February Statistics Effect in the Stock Markets

Markets Statistics Analysis

The markets jumped wildly and made a stunning correction in January - most of the major reports behind us 
From a seasonality perspective, February isn’t as bullish  for stock market -The month of February is very deceptive - check me out
We'll see if this time too it will happen
It usually closes at the levels it opens
But within the month there are declines - what I'm saying is that ... I'm 70% likely to think we'll see an upturn in these gains

markets price analysis
markets  analysis

There are a few things you should pay attention to:
The indices reach extreme levels before the journey continues upwards, or is this the end of the correction?

Facebook has released reports yesterday and costs over 11% - comes to check the Gap, the refractive levels of the rising move: if it closes above the $ 171 area, we have a set up here to catch a move to close the top - it's worth watching closely!

Amazon, as I have mentioned several times, should cross the 1760 area in order to show a continuing upward trend!
If the conditions that I have mentioned exist, expect another incremental move

a stock that can hint us what is to come in the markets - keep in mind that there may be a situation of V SHAPE in markets - how do you will know this ...  1999 again in the headlines 

I will focus on the NASDAQ :as i mention before cross above 6950 -7078 levels will confirm more up while staying below will show us its only a correction to the declines  the markets have experienced
now lets check the charts : Assuming that we are experiencing an implementation here, I think that the levels to which we need to pay attention to make decisions
6860 - 6730 -6650 -6578 
 A healthy correction that will give the signal for a further upturn in the markets should show support at the 6578 points level - breaking below significantly increases the likelihood of a bounce back down! , While breaking the levels above (6950-7078) will lead to a new record, which means V shape, It will be interesting and there is definitely what to expect

NASDAQ Price Analysis
NASDAQ Analysis

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