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factors point for a temporary halt at the crude oil prices

Crude oil Technical analysis

Oil prices fell sharply  Tuesday and yesterday  as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed that Iran was ready to come to the negotiating table over the nuclear deal

Crude Oil Inventories Monthly Report 
IEA stated that oil market showed a global surplus  in the second quarter this year versus previous expectations for a deficit.
 monthly report stated that oil market saw a rather significant surplus in the first half of 2019, much larger than previously expected. 

Crude oil news
Crude oil chart

yes, we got it - what next?

it all starts here: Oil is crashing - The marks were on the wall

Crude oil technical analysis:

Short term bearish as long crude oil remain below 56.80

Medium term bearish as long crude oil remain below 57.30+-

Long term bearish as long crude oil remain below 58.60+-Suggest more down to test price below 55 $ such as 54.20-54.80 $ or even 53$

Break above 58.30 will lead again to high prices – break down 56 will confirm more downs 

Crude oil price analysis
Crude oil analysis

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