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GBP TRY British Pound Turkish Lira Technical Analysis

GBP TRY British Pound Turkish Lira Technical Analysis 

GBP Turkish Lira technical analysis 
let's start with that I do not usually trade or analyze this specific pair
But it seems that there is an interesting potential
The Turkish lira, as I analyzed a number of posts  for the last period seems it shows a Downward trend and  trend of strengthening against the dollar
If we look at the pound-dollar, which is also analyzed several times
and show to me that there is a big potential for a lower price on the GBP USD 

We can see that there is an opportunity here
GBP/TRY made an  impressive  performed since 2010 
when to start from 2015  it shows the intensification of the trend: a sharp upward movement performed from 3:44 To 4.74
Today, you can see the graph
Technically, capital of the region down 4.25 stresses the technical adjustment of the impressive upward movement
The essence of the analysis shows the breaking down of the 4.02 zone

Leading a declines towards 3.70

gbptry analysis

gbp try gbptry analiz
GBP Turkish lira

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