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what the charts can teach us about gbpusd further move

what the charts can teach us about gbpusd further move

Fall from 1.7190 is viewed as resuming the longer-term downtrend from 2.1161 and would target 1.3503 and below later.

As I mentioned last September
gbpusd chart
The pair was on his way to conquer the negative peak
Is pound latest player to take center stage in this game (central banks’ global game of debasing your currency?)
On the way down there are a number of stations, the first of which lies the 1.3860 level breaking this level 1.3860 will send the pair to cope with the level of 1.3570 
On The other hand, resistance levels are located at 1.4360, respectively, when the critical resistance level stands in the 1.4680-1.4720.
 my expectations are to see gbpusd go to 1.3570 area, from the last low on February this year on 1.3835 area,we saw the rebound from 1.3835 :is merely a corrective move and fall from 1.7190 is not completed. Break of 1.3835 will extend such decline to 1.3840 low, when A slip below this strong support area could see cable hurtling towards 1.3570. 

 At this point, I'm holding on to this bearish view as long as 1.4680 resistance remains intact, we could see even lower numbers below 1.30
gbpusd technical analysıs

From quick look on the cot data we can see a big spreading on traders orders positions, it mean very high volatility – that’s should tell us one word caution!

gbpusd posıtıon
gbpusd posıtıon

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