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Is the decline in Facebook stock a buying opportunity or is it just the beginning?

Facebook stock analysis

last week Facebook stock plunge, which triggered a fall in its stock-market valuation of almost $ 120bn, the largest single loss of value in Wall Street history- facebook ranked as the fifth-largest company in the S&P 500 before last week’s fall.
new European General Data Protection Regulation rules led to a decline of three million users on that continent, company officials revealed in an earnings call on Wednesday.
The earnings report suggests broader worries that a company that has grown at a furious pace for years may finally be seeing its growth easing, especially among younger users opting for such social media alternatives as Snapchat or Instagram.
political atmospherics such as Republicans and Democrats calling for possible new regulation of the tech industry and social media in particular- which could also have a Negative impact on share price

But as you know me, I'm not going to deal with gossip and fundamentalist data, go straight to the price chart and see what the future holds without bullshit - let the price talk!

Facebook technical analysis:
major trend up
now we need to watch on 161$+_ price level - break down this area will lead facebook lowe to 115+_ price target 'while staying above will confirm that correction is over and this point can be buying opportunity -my guess is that Facebook will continue lower to 161+_ price area and get bounced over there back up again to close the gap upside and
we need to watch very closely on 161+- price level - is the key ! 

Facebook stock analysis
Facebook analysis 

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