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Are we going to get a replay of the Nasdaq stock exchanges bubble that was in 2000 again?

Stock Markets Technical analysis

Will the global stock markets make a turnaround this week? After starting the week with sharp declines in the indices yesterday we saw a strong recovery
The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S & P 500 and Nasdaq have experienced very strong volatility in recent weeks

Everyone is now waiting for the 2018 results mid-elections in the US on November 6 - the main question in these elections is: Will the Republicans be able to retain control of both chambers of Congress?
If the Democrats take over and become a majority, there will be a problem for President Trump, it will weaken him and prevent the progress and implementation of his plans. Instead, winning the majority of seats by the Republicans will ensure his power and his ability to carry on with his plans. Until the results of these elections, that is, by that date, US stock markets will play between the borders they created last week
by the way, November tends to be one of the more bullish months in terms of seasonality

NASDAQ technical  analysis
markets  technical  analysis

Market highlights from the beginning of his year :

in January this year, I talked about the upcoming correction in the markets - it comes to the big drop earlier this year –was expected!

after that we saw a big recovery in the markets and set new high records - this was also expected

Has the crash reached financial markets and a new era is ahead of us?

Technical analysis
One can see the clear convergence, which was one of the declines that began in January an examination of the level of resistance, buyers versus sellers is reflected well on the price graph of the index In my opinion, in May, the beginning of the real recovery can be seen very well. What now? As I said, and from the technical perspective, the level of support can be clearly seen in the previous peak area at the beginning of the year, when I think that the main level stay in the price level of  24,800+- point area in the DOW JONES  and 6800+_ points area in the NASDAQ  -those are the key points. The continuation of the move moves towards high price levels and creating new highs

If we take a good look and want to know whether we are entering a bear market and turning into a record
The 6350 level is the key level for a bull market or bear market

markets  technical analysis
markets analysis

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