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Is there a negative deviation between the oil price and the technical parameters on charts ?

crude oil analysis

Oil prices find it difficult to stay at high levels, oil behaving strangely– we saw strange behavior – every time crude oil show strong move down it came back to higher numbers since may, but this month it’s not the case !   Crude oil reached all-time high since 2014 to almost 77$ and then went down sharp below 70$, meanwhile without any recover again

crude oil chart analysis
crude oil chart

2 important things to pay attention :
Crude Oil Position Map
Number of drilling wells in the world

Crude Oil Position Map -position map analysis:
swap dealer side - when the spread will increase above 30 %  +  crude oil prices settled below 69-70$ (with high vol)  = can lead to change direction in crude oil price- we got this moved as expected “\

update position map shows us that the spread is on 15.7 %, but in the other hand the price of  crude oil is found in the bands mentioned

crude oil position map
crude oil position 

Number of drilling wells in the world
Update on this information for last month the numbers are shown in the picture

crude oil drill
crude oil drilling

Crude oil technical analysis

68 $+_ became support area we should pay attention also for 64.2 area break down those levels will send crude oil to cope with 60$ area again, while stay above could send crude oil  to higher numbers, there is a negative divergence between the price and the oscillator Of the movement of the oil price from the $ 64 level that began in January this year, to the peak area at the beginning of the month, which was $ 77

crude oil analysis chart
crude oil chart

crude oil price analysis
crude oil  analysis

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