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Gold broke up 1300 price level what next ?

Gold price analysis 

Gold cross up1300 $ we can see a narrow trading range between 1240 support to 1320 resistance
The big question is when this shuffle trend will finish: will it go to 1500$ Or 1100$?

Gold price technical analysis
Gold analysis

NOTED FOR THIS: Gold price pattern   if 1326 level will hold them we have a potential to see this happen - take a closer look 

Gold price analysis forecast
Gold chart

Gold price technical analysis
As long as gold xau/usd stay and trade below 1320+_ the trend is bearish and those targets are on the desk: 1267 1240 1233 1224 1211
If gold remains above 1320, I’m expecting to meet 1347 1333 1326 1315 areas -  while break down 1291 level will lead the gold go to 1247-1256, while we need to watch at 1268-1274 area, there is the price band is imprisoned between 1207 and 1346Strong support: 1224 & 1211 price areas are meaningful numbers and the big trend support stay in 1207

XAU USD  analysis

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