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Tug of War between china and us -who’s going to be the one who break?

Markets Technical Analysis

Rope pulling game
Tug of War is one of the most ancient games known to man and there is evidence that it was played across the ancient world including ancient Greece, Egypt and China. Also known as rope pulling,The objective is to beat the competition and win the match by winning pulls

Markets Technical Analysis

Markets Closing this week  is very critical for continuing - have we seen a near-term bottom- or its only halt ? 

Will this time (be the third in number) remember as the  Bears winning number?
September 2018 to December 2018, sharp declines and from there rise
For new highs.
May this year 2019 to June, again declines and once again rise to new highs
And this time..... Will this time come back the scenario that was the previous two times, or is this time different?

P.S look my last post on the markets: Is the road paved and safe for the continuation markets journey?

spoken and mentioned many times in the past about the extra assets that warn about something else and they proved themselves in the past

Flash Crash Moves is about to come again to the markets    

Some of them continue to run exactly according to the plan and the templates, and if this is the plan and the pattern then..... We should expect something else this time

3 indicators that give the indication that the bottom of the USD/JPY  is still far away

Amazon story continue with same imagine and story 

look on the future E mini 500 (sp500)
if its only a halt then we should see the Sp 500 crossing up again 2910-2930 points
otherwise the case could became uglier ......

 E mini analysis
 E mini 500

History and important points in the indices over the years

 Is this quarter going to be the best in markets we've ever seen or other surprises are expected

stocks markets Tracking since the last slump, see below 

A reassessment or a healthy correction to the violence experienced by stock indices

I  think that we are in a period of exhaustion , will elaborate on this later in a detailed and extensive review

This review does not including any document and / or file attached to it as an advice or recommendation to buy / sell securities and / or other advice

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