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gbpusd technical analysis update

Where Gbpusd Technicals are Headed in the Next Years

From my last post:
No change in my GBP/USD's outlook  weekly candlesticks came as bearish engulfing candles, closing below the level of 1.5230 
Move below1.4860 first  (A long-term bearish target is projected towards the level of 1.4800 for this reversal pattern.). Decisive break there will pave the way back to 1.4480 -1.4565
Break down those levels  would target 1.3503 prices and below later.
we could see even lower numbers below 1.30 
1.5230 is a minor resistances while decisive break of 1.5370 should confirm reversal and turn near term outlook bullish for a test on 1.5920 area resistance.
yesterday the Federal Reserve’s  raise interest rate 0.25%  for the first time since June 2006.
gbpusd technical analysis

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