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Half year has passed and nothing has changed, but......
Now it seems that the decision is in the final stages
Quite a few speaker and writer on interest rate increases and reductions worldwide.
A year and a half, if we look at, the number of instruments, and examine them in depth it appears that there is a contradiction between the expectations of the situation on the ground, or alternatively a lack of clear direction
I wrote a review earlier this year, arguing that this would be a challenging and difficult year, at the beginning, we received strong declines in the markets and stock exchanges
The truth is that, in October 2014, the markets are wide strip shuffle - Let's take for example the SP500 index:
we can see clearly the congestion range from 1850 to 2100
The range has been tested several times both from above and from below.
Technically net, without regard to the environment and other variables,
The target is 150 basis points, breaking the support level, or alternatively breaching the resistance level
sp500 technical analysıs

Now lets test and look on the  Dow Jones
If we look at the index, we can see an interesting pattern
Unlike the SP500 Index
Here the picture looks rather more positive
Assuming that the pattern does indeed exist
There are three options that can be seen in the graph
Let's say that the region of 19,600 points in the first phase will provide me

Dow Jones  technıcal analysıs
Dow Jones

And last for today
Nasdaq 100 Index
Here you can see a diamond pattern
This pattern is also similar to the SP500 has not yet formed into a decision
There is a probability of 50-50
Breaking the pattern area over 4530 points get higher target
Conversely breaking 4030 points get a lower target
There should monitor

This review does not including any document and / or file attached to it as an advice or recommendation to buy / sell securities and / or other advice

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