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Is USD/JPY Goes A New way And change Direction Or ..

Is USD/JPY Goes A New way And change Direction Or ..  

There is a lot of nervousness in the markets, and hıgh vol trade movements
Also of interest will not raise interest rates
Everything is going to drain for a day 09/21/2016, when we get the answers
It starts in the morning in Japan, and will end with the declaration of the end of US trading interest

sınce yesterday we got some storıes and nesw from japan :There was earthquake in Kanto region, however there is no tsunami threat. Moreover, the Nikkei said that Japan’s Ministry of Finance had announced decision to increase sales of 40-year JGBs by 400b yen in FY16. The issuance of the bonds is to amount to 2.8t yen and to start their sales from September.

usd/jpy  forecast

 The Technical side: 

the short term looking you need to watch on  104.31  break above will be the first sign of trend reversal now and will turn focus back to 107.20 resistance,םn the other hand, failure to cross thıs level , send the pair back downOn the upside, we need to see the pair cross up again 106.20 area, after above 107.20 -109 will revive the case of trend reversal and target TO  112-114 resistance, whıle break down agaın 100.30 area wıl lead the usdjpy to cope with 99-100 area again, furthers more to 98.50 and 96 areas

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