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Did the oil find support in the $ 50 area or we had a surprise ahead of us?

Crude oil Technical analysis 

last month crude oil plunged 17% reached almost to 50 –a bit over it , Whether oil has found support in the $ 50 area?
Earlier today, we got report that a crude tanker was on fire in the Gulf of Oman- Oil rebounded from the lowest level in five months, crude oil Futures rose more than 3%
I remain bearish on oil and in my opinion, this is a rebound that could allow a better entry into the position

crude oil technical analysis
crude oil analysis

yes, we got it - what next?
it all starts here: Oil is crashing - The marks were on the wall

crude oil technical analysis:
Short term bearish as long crude oil remain below 54.80-55.30
Medium term bearish as long crude oil remain below 56.80+-
Long term bearish as long crude oil remain below 58.60+-
Suggest more down to test price below 50 $ such as 48 $ or even 45$

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