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Is the road paved and safe for the continuation markets journey?

Stock markets analysis

New records on the screens This time all three indices are in parallel After breaking records

Happy Independence Day for United States  :)

In April I wrote about the way of the indices and this time it does happen because the Dow Jones did not do it the previous times also joined this time and rose to new highs

"Markets Analysis Update

NASDAQ 100  has made a new all-time high
Are we going to create new record high - SP 500 to 3040+_ / Nasdaq to 8000
only the Dow seems to be behind them - for getting approve on the DOW i want to see him cross 26,830 points - if so then we can get for more uptrend to 27600+_ "

Looking at the SP 500 index, we can see that there is a hurdle that exists on two parameters:
The first type of funnel pattern or megaphone
The second is the expansion of the Fibonacci series from the last crisis, when we are spitting distance from the 261.8%

Conclusion: Currently area 3018-3056 is the shooting range

Stock markets  technical analysis
markets analysis

History and important points in the indices over the years

 Is this quarter going to be the best in markets we've ever seen or other surprises are expected

stocks markets Tracking since the last slump, see below 

A reassessment or a healthy correction to the violence experienced by stock indices

I  think that we are in a period of exhaustion , will elaborate on this later in a detailed and extensive review

This review does not including any document and / or file attached to it as an advice or recommendation to buy / sell securities and / or other advice

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