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A sharp rise leads to a collapse - is that the case now ?

Palladium Analysis

Palladium has cemented its status as the world’s most valuable precious metal with  gain of 56% for this year
Is the decline in palladium prices likely to be sharp, or is it the beginning, and we see higher levels

its look that we get  replay of 2001 in palladium

Palladium  technical Analysis
Palladium Analysis

I've written late July - Is this a replay of 2001?
Palladium Three comes out one: Is this just the beginning of the journey, Double Top or a replay of 2000-2001

XPD USD price Analysis
XPD USD  analysis

Palladium Technical analysis

major trend - up
its all good as long palladium remain above 1796-1831 price area !
cross below those level will confirm that correction has come and price could move down to meet 1130 price area
mean while you need to look closely and looking sign for weakness or continuation move
it will be very interesting  - Will be worth following .....

Palladium price
Palladium news

Palladium future price
Palladium trend

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  1. wow this post came day before the metal went down sharp
    good job
    keep your work and thank you for your shares