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Does a turning point come in gold or trend is over

GOLD price Technical analysis 

gold  price continue traded lower on the last week -Is this a temporary halt or has the rally been overturned
gold price drop considering President-elect Biden’s unveiling of a $2 trillion stimulus package,  a real genuine optimism that the pandemic at some point will conclude

B U T 

as long the global pandemic is with us the more fiscal stimulus will be needed, large amounts of debt that the United States will have to carry into the future.
Currently, the national debt  resulted in the third biggest deficit increase of any president in history.”
Risks we face
Mounting national debt
growing budget deficit
massive unemployment 
pandemic continues.
Despite these things the merchants forsaking the safety found in the safe-haven asset gold ..... only time will tell who is right?

In my opinion, we will see a drop in gold price  to  $ 1760-1790 region 
If supported in the above area, then everything is within the range of rising traffic and pauses
If not the story changes ......


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