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markets never-ending short squeeze part 2

Markets Technical analysis

A test drive has come: NASDAQ 100: Closed below 12480 daily will sign for more downtrend while stay above is appositive sign 

Nasdaq technical analysis
Nasdaq analysis

Are we facing a wave of exhaustion in the markets, or are we in the midst of a bubble wave?
Throughout my years in trading (more than 20 years), I tend to stick to the technical side of trading, this has proven itself more than once
Technically we are in a kind of bubble without any shadow of a doubt - the markets are in insane euphoria that does not stop, but .... does that justify it?
Covid 19 is gone?
Employment at its peak?
Countries debts at a low?

Corporate profits at their peak?

What I see today when I open charts, is something I have not seen for many years

In November when the Nasdaq was at 11,600 points I was talking about

It seems that we are before breaking records - what should we expect

new highs to areas of 13700- 14200 - 15200 points are on the way?

At the end of December, we re-examined the Nasdaq index again 

My forecast for next year will be one of the most interesting and challenging I have published over the years, in terms of complexity and goals - there is definitely, something to look forward to

The sloping picture of the gains on the graphs scares me

Markets technical analysis
Markets  analysis

I want to show you also one of the biggest stock on the NASDAQ index and its apple stock
We can see over their ABCD  Bearish pattern – target are 108 or 99 
Need to watch closely 

apple stock technical  analysis
Apple stock analysis

one more thing on patterns – diamond pattern in DOW JONES index performed 

Dow jones technical analysis
Dow Jones  analysis

and for the finale let's check the SP 500: long trend support stay in 3580+_ 

SP 500 technical analysis
SP 500 analysis

This review does not include any document and/or file attached to it as advice or recommendation to buy/sell securities and/or other advice

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