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S&P 500 prediction for the next years

S&P 500 Technical Analysis

A lot of people are talking about the length of time the index is rising, and it is not possible that so many years we are in a rising market trend
So to all those who say this, I can say that from 1974 to 2000 there was a rising market trend -26 years.  Let's test  our case by time - 12 years have passed  since 2009 the markets rising- it is not close to 26 years record  but what is more Interesting is the distance from the equilibrium point and long-term average bands - you can clearly see that we are not at the top or bottom
The glass ceiling is currently in the range of 5900-6200 points
This means in life everything has to be taken in proportion.....

SP 500 log chart
S&P 500 historical  chart

now let's check the status for the short term 
I see Kind of a bull wedge
If area 3870 -3880 for the brave = long on a daily closing basis
For those less risk-seeking daily closing above 3910
Target area 4100
It's in green glasses
On the other hand in the red glasses, the inability of the index to pass will send the index to area 3710 again and if there is a break then in my opinion we will see the area 3580-3590

S&P 500  technical analysis  chart
S&P 500 analysis  chart

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