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Facebook stock shows technical signs of a strong move Are you ready

Facebook stock price technical analysis forecast

Facebook's 20119 Q3 results were strong, with revenues again growing leading to EPS growing 20%. ,the company reported adjusted earnings of $ 2.12 per share, up 20% from the prior year period and reversed two consecutive quarters of declining earnings.– is this situation will continue in the future ?

But on the other hand, we should not forget the regulatory concerns, both from the US government and from others countries -  we may be surprises that no one knows how they will be resolved, or in what way, and how it will  affect on the major tech companies that Facebook is one of them .

The US election year alone poses a risk to the markets - we saw what happened the previous time with the issue of ads and creation fake News - Will these new restrictions or laws ever be hurt by the profits of companies like Facebook?

Time will tell......

Facebook forecast
Facebook forecast 

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Facebook Technical Analysis

major trend up but .....

need to watch on 171$+_ price level - break down this area will lead Facebook Low to 153-158$ below this 137-139 and 117-128   price target ,while staying above will confirm more uptrend 

The more interesting point is the appearance of the trading pattern
Diamond pattern is very large patterns, the technical implications are often extremely large. Technical targets price  are derived by subtracting the difference between the record high and the reaction low from the eventual breakout level. The breakout level will be determined by a trend line drawn from the reaction low to the first significant low on the right side of the pattern.
The diamond formation reversal pattern is usually does so at market tops rather than at bottoms. 

Need to watch very closely on 171+- price level - its the key !

Facebook PRICE analysis
Facebook  analysis

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