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Is the avalanche of markets here? Or it just woke up before continuing the journey to the moon

Markets crashing Down, when it will stop?

if you follow last posts, you all know and showed last predictions and wasn't surprised

Markets Are Going Down aggressive, Will it be over soon, or we are witness new era for the markets

markets technical analysis
markets forecast 

There is no need to underestimate any wave of declines, and sometimes negative dynamics may develop in the markets.
 Higher care is now required. It seems that the coming period will not necessarily be suitable for investors with low tolerance to the high volatility of the markets.
 There is now no fundamental factor that should reverse the recent declines in the economic environment and the alternatives to the stock markets have an effect, especially since the foreign exchange market is not currently showing panic.

On the other hand, the continued turmoil in the global markets could lead the Fed, led by the new Governor Powell, to postpone the next interest rate hike in the US, which is expected to be in March, which in itself could contribute to calming the markets.

Technically we have reached the critical levels now the burden of proof is of the price
Support will send the markets back to the upside and the break will send the indices down

In my opinion, members currently do not collapse with a probability of over 60%, but let's see what happens in the coming days

"" According to the sentiment and the graph, we are on the edge and therefore I think this is the point in which it is worth trying to check whether it will work
I am talking about trading, of course, on the indices when I assume that the markets are in the process of correcting whether I am healthy or not yet know
But patch down almost certainly - with a probability of more than 70%
Let’s build a test strategy
Short position with a stop of 3-4% and profit 7-8%
A ratio of 1: 2 in terms of chance of risk"

markets crash
markets move 

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