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The markets set new highs after the big correction at the beginning of the year, where are they headed from here?

Markets technical analysis forecast update

Long time I didn’t talk on financial markets indexes such as the sp500/ Dow Jones and Nasdaq, I think it’s about the time to say a few words and try to put here Possible future projections for those markets , Especially after this week we saw new record highs in  U.S. stock market after the big drop earlier this year –was expected !

markets  price analysis
markets analysis

the last post I wrote on markets an option I mention was to continue drop to the area 23,100-23,300 + and from there exit to an ascending process – pay attention to last rally (started at October 2016) I deliberately put the Fibonacci levels on the charts    A 38.2%-61.8% retracement is the minimum requirement for a pullback - you can see that the best correction level for the last rally in the markets is in the area 23,100 + _ points- see post here

My short term forecast suggest for more continue up move with apx 7-8%  target on index from the last top record break  such as the sp500 (2880+-  points last record ) – is supposed to give target’s on the sp500  (3040- 3110 points) ,2968-2978 will be first resistance on the sp500 ,support stay in 2820- 2853-2874 points for this move .
Also for the Dow Jones 30  that still not managed to take off the last record

SP 500 price analysis
SP 500 analysis

Is the Recent Rally of Trump in the markets about to end?

 The long-term forecast could suggest even more upside on the index - last February post shows very interesting ideas

DOW JONES Analysis
* my next post ill going to write a few words on the NASDAQ and Amazon stock to see and guess where we are heading ......stay tuned.

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