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Is Facebook share nearing the end of the declines and buying opportunity is here or is it just the beginning?

Facebook stock price technical analysis

facebook stock continues falling - it was expected in29.7.2017 I wrote this: Is the decline in Facebook stock a buying opportunity or is it just the beginning? 

In addition to the last post: now we can see that we are very close to those points price level - need to watch if those level will hold so we might get here a really good opportunity to buy Facebook at least for closing the upper gap between 213-183$

I really think and expect to see facebook closed this upper gap if those support area will hold!

In the past two years, the question has been raised: Does Facebook lose its glamor among users, and Facebook's popularity is declining? - which will probably affect the financial results
Concerns around Facebook fatigue pop up every few years, but ultimately Facebook is still reporting resilient user metrics every quarter without fail.
While the methodology is used, it seems that you can't extrapolate the results from the respondents across Facebook's entire user have only Minor movements fluctuated up or down less than 1% on a sequential basis for the past four quarters.
Facebook stock technical analysis
Facebook  analysis 

Facebook technical analysis:

major trend up
now we need to watch on 161$+_ price level - break down this area will lead facebook lowe to 115+_ price target 'while staying above will confirm that correction is over and this point can be buying opportunity -my guess is that Facebook will continue lower to 161+_ price area and get bounced over there back up again to close the gap upside and
we need to watch very closely on 161+- price level - is the key ! 

This review does not including any document and / or file attached to it as an advice or recommendation to buy / sell securities and / or other advice

now we can see that we are very close to those points price level - need to watch

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