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Has Tesla stock lost her glamor?

 Tesla stock predictions

I did not talk about this stock for a long time because there was not much to innovate, but I think this time we have an interesting technical pattern in the stock.
The weakness we see in Tesla, in my opinion, stems from several reasons
There are net economic reasons which are:
high valuations, higher interest rates, which tend to hurt stocks with big valuations, Electric vehicle competition from traditional automakers 

There are some more complex reasons,  has to do with the person who heads the firm, Ayalon Musk is a dreamy person who wants to bring good news and change to the world, however, there are all sorts of factors, not so flattering in his personality, that make investors with conservatism to take a step back.

Now let's move on to the graph - where things are always much simpler and clearer
we can see Harmonic Gartley Pattern: If the pattern does work, then in my opinion we are going to see 500$  price area as the target area for completing 

tesla stock technical analysis
Tesla stock analysis

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