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Are we ahead of a corrective wave in the markets or further increases


Let's look at the major U.S. indices again
It should be noted that the forecast has been fully implemented

What next?
I see a lot of similarities between the moves of the end of 2019 and now in a number of parameters
Position report
Price behavior
And several other factors
If this is indeed the case then in my opinion we will see a continuation upwards
Nasdaq to 14800 + _ points 
by the way, there is a trading pattern of Crab patterns structure in the NASDAQ  -this can be very volatile, Therefore a bit of subjectivity is required
This means that the road there will not be continuous in a straight line - it means a bit of shaking hands

Nasdaq technical analysis
Nasdaq  analysis

SP500 will test  area + _4400 points
SP500 Leakage option for testing area -4100 when a deeper drop is also possible for testing area 4050 This is the break-in/test line - break down 4060 area on daily basis will confirm for more downtrend!

Nasdaq Leakage Option for testing Area-13700 when a deeper drop is also possible for testing area 13500 This is the break-in/test line -break down 13,500 areas on daily basis will confirm for more downtrend!

consider Odds versus risk:   2.1% +_ risk  vs  5.9 % profit 
sp 500 rate now 4139 points 
Fair treatment for entering into a transaction under the current conditions
(Reward over 2 times for entering a long position from the proposed loss rate)

SP 500  technical analysis
SP 500   analysis

Position report in the SP 500 
see the similarity between those two moves 

SP 500 sentiment
SP 500 position  

One more thing: it is too early to know,  Don't put the cart before the horse, but it seems that after the end of the current move, we will see a deep correction in the markets * sp 500 to test 3700-3800 points ...

This review does not include any document and/or file attached to it as advice or recommendation to buy/sell securities and/or other advice

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