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A phase of declines in the markets or momentary intimidation

Markets Technical Analysis

Deceptive markets
The truth is that the previous post reflected exactly the picture
I did not just write the following sentence
Let's consider whether we are facing further declines, or whether we had a quick and violent correction here?

Markets technical analysis
Markets outlook

Right now after yesterday's violence in the indices, the picture is not entirely clear

In terms of technical levels
Currently, the market is negative as long as the index is trading below 4520 + _ with a higher level of caution in the 4580 + _ range

Markets forecast
Markets analysis

In terms of short to medium term, the test level is currently in the 4450 range

Stock Markets technical analysis
 Markets trend

we can see clearly the huge vol yesterday !!!

markets vol
future volume

An interesting year awaits us in the markets – I wrote about this in the last article and it is worth reading: Are there are any signs of the coming future for stock markets in 2022?
Will we see this year’s numbers above 5000 or below 4000 or maybe even both…

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